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These are the pine and oak logs I started with


Outdoor Furniture



This is one of the garden seats constructed from oak sawn from my land


Bridges Built form Pine Boards


Multi-section bridge over our seasonal stream

Picture taken from the back deck of the house. This bridge was built with 99.9% of the white pine wood coming from the trees blown down on the property. There is a little pressure treated wood used in contact with the ground or the cement post supports.

The frame was built in sections in the work shop. The frames were installed section by section to cross the stream. After attachment then the posts and railings were installed at the bridge location. Finally the floor boards were attached.


Outdoor Storage Boxes


Back Deck Storage Box for cushions

The beadboard siding was left over from a construction project. Otherwise the oak frame and pine top and bottom are made from wood cut from my property


Wood Working Shop


Main area of wood working shop

Yes it is kind of a mess because a project is in progress. This area is at the back corner of the house with a slider to your left and windows as you see providing plenty of light. On the table saw are the horizontal frames of the two garden benches in progress.


New Logs to be Sawn


23 Oak Logs to be sawn