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These images show te left, right and back side of a skidder-winch that I built from scratch. Click on each of the images left to right to get an enlarged view with an explanation of what you are seeing in a new window. Everything painted in light grey I welded from 2" x 3" angle iron 3/16" thick. This device is attached to the tractor using a category I three-point hitch.


This video shows the skidder-winch in action picking up and towing a log: Click here  or the picture below to watch the video.



This video shows the winch in action. As I pull on the rope it tightens the rope around the capstan. The capstan is being turned by the hydraulic motor using the tractors hydraulic system to power the motor. The capstan is pulling the log I am just keeping the rope tight so the capstan will grab it. Click here  or the picture below to watch the video.



Below is a picture of my tractor with the backhoe installed. It is on a bridge I built to go over a seasonal stream. The bridge was built in four sections at the house where I had access to my air tools and electricity and taken over to the stream where I bolted the four sections together. The posts were installed at the location so they rested on rocks or surface cement blocks thus requiring no digging. This bridge gives me access to our woods in a section that needed a lot of cleanup. In the video above  you see some of the burn piles ready when I can burn with a permit in the winter. Click on the picture to get a larger image.